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As a member of GL events Group, FLOW COOLING + POWER SOLUTIONS holds a large stock of event ready industrial grade air extraction and blower units. These units have been specifically designed for use with temporary structures and are the perfect solution for maintaining air quality within the structure.


FLOW has built an extensive range of cooling products, from split units, to large industrial sized air handlers. All of our fleet are designed towards the rental market, and are optimized to sustain the extreme Middle Eastern climates. All of product ranges adhere to the international ASHRAE standard, and we are constantly growing our resources, allowing us to customize our services to clients’ specification.


Air-conditioning (AC) units are used for a wide range of applications, from tent or wild air cooling, to dehumidification. An air conditioning unit will not only serve to cool down the environment, but will also assist with the management of humidity levels in the air. FLOW units ensure an ideal climate and environment, removing moisture and cleansing the surrounding air.

For more information about cooling & power products please visit FLOW website.


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